Council Policies

Council's current adopted policies can be viewed below.


Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy (V2)

Alcohol-Free Zone Policy

Asbestos Policy (V1)

Asset Disposal Policy (V1)

Asset Management Policy (V1)


Backflow Prevention Policy (V1)

Building Over or Adjacent to Council Infrastructure Policy

Business Continuity Policy (V1)


Child Safe Policy (V1)

Code of Conduct for Councillors (V1)

Code of Conduct for Council Staff (V1)

Code of Conduct for Council Committee Members, Delegates of Council & Council Advisers (V1)

Code of Meeting Practice (V2)

Coleambally Lease Conversion Policy (V1)

Complaints Management Policy (V1)

Communication Devices Internet & Intranet Policy (V1)

Communication Devices Policy (see Communication Devices Internet & Intranet Policy)

Companion Animal Management Policy

Contaminated Lands Management Policy - Rescinded 22 November 2022 - Minute # 182/11/22

Corporate Uniform Policy (V1)

Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy (V1)

Councillor & Staff Interaction Policy (V1)

Councillor Use of Council Motor Vehicle while on Official Council Business

COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy - Rescinded 27 September 2022 - Minute # 129/09/22

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Customer Service Charter (V1)

Credit Card Policy (V1)

Cyber Security Policy

Cyber Security - IT Security Policy

Cyber Security - Access Control Policy


Data Breach Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy (V1)


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Management Plan

Enforcement Policy (V1)

Enterprise Risk Management Policy (V2)

Events Policy (V1)

Excess Annual Leave Policy


Fees & Charges Pricing Policy

Financial Reserves Policy (V0.1)

Fraud & Corruption Control Policy (V1)

Frost Control Fan Policy


Gifts & Benefits Policy (V1)


Internal Reporting Policy (V1)

Internet, Intranet, Email and Computer Use Policy (see Communication Devices Internet & Intranet Policy)

Investment Policy (V1)


Keeping of Animals in Urban Areas Policy (V1)


Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Policy (V2)

Leasing Council Residential Properties Policy (V1)

Legislative Compliance Policy


Managing Conflicts of Interest for Council-Related Development Policy

Media & Communications Policy (V2)  

Mobile Food Vending Policy (V1)

Motor Vehicle Policy (V2.1)

On-Site Sewage Management Policy


Personal Protective Equipment Policy (V1)

Place Naming Policy (V1)

Privacy Management Policy (V1)

Procurement Policy (V1)

Public Interaction and Meeting Disclosure Policy (V1)

Public Gates and Grids on Council Roads


Records Management Policy (V1)

Related Party Disclosures Policy (V2)

Road Risk Management Policy (V1)

Rates Fees and Charges Hardship Policy (V2)


Scholarships, Donations & Community Grants Policy

Shipping Container Policy (V1)

Statement of Business Ethics (V1)

Staff Education and Training Policy (V1)

Staff Recognition Policy (V2)

Signs as Remote Supervision Policy (V1)

Single Use Plastics Policy

Stormwater Risk Management Policy (V1)

Street Safety Cameras CCTV Policy

Swimming Pool Inspection Program Policy (V1)


Time in Lieu and Flexible RDO Policy (V1)

Transportable or Moveable Dwellings and Temporary Accommodation Policy (V1)

Tree Management Policy (V1)

Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Policy

Use of Council's Footpath Policy


Work Health & Safety Policy (V2)

Workplace Surveillance Policy (V1)


Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view Jerilderie Shire Council and Murrumbidgee Shire Council's pre-merger policies.

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