Development Applications

Pre-lodgement Advisory Service

If you're thinking of lodging an application for development, we offer a free pre-lodgement advisory service where you can talk with a development planning officer about your proposed development and find out how to go about obtaining a development approval. This includes what you need to address and the information and plans needed to go with your development application.  We will help you to understand what's involved so you avoid delays while chasing up extra information to support your application. This service is available in person or over the phone.

Procedures for Applications for Development

Development Applications (DA), Construction Certificates (CC) and Complying Development Applications (CDC) are lodged through the NSW Planning Portal. This online service allows for a more streamlined application process. It also allows applicants to track their DA’s, CC’s and CDC’s. Each applicant needs to create an account in order to lodge their DA’s, CC’s and CDC’s. The portal also has some great step by step guides, including how to set up an account and lodge an application. For further information or for assistance please contact our Planning & Environment Department team.

We encourage all applicants to arrange a pre lodgement meeting with the Planning & Environment staff to ensure all paperwork is ready before lodgement.

These are the steps you should follow:

  1. Contact our Development Team on 1300 676 243 to discuss your application and to obtain a fee quote.
  2. Visit the NSW Planning Portal to lodge your DA, CC or CDC online (see instructions below).
  3. Register for a NSW Planning Portal account to start your application.
  4. Log in to complete the online application form.
  5. For DA’s and CC's you will need to submit a Statement of Environmental Effects, owner's consent, cost estimate report as well as all necessary plans and documents outlined in council’s applications checklist
  6. For CDC’s you will need to submit a certificate of title, site plan, design plans, structural plans and building specifications and applications checklist
  7. Once we receive your application, we will do a preliminary assessment and contact you to arrange payment of fees or request additional information.
  8. Once we are satisfied with the information provided and fees are paid, your application can be receipted.

If you are a developer or owner-builder, there are important Commonwealth telecommunications rules you need to comply with. For more information visit

Private development and other third party work project planning tool
The Department of Transport has released a new online tool to help when people are planning a project that may interact with roads, rail or waterways in NSW. It allows you to find out the relevant regulations and how to follow them. These resources connect you to information and key contacts to help make sure your application is in order before submitting it for approval.?This could save you time and money. Visit the website: 


Application Tracking

Applications made through the portal can be viewed here. Simply select Murrumbidgee Council from the drop down box.

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