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Property Details:        Lot 126 DP 790745

                                  Showground Road

                                  JERILDERIE  NSW


Council at its meeting on 13th December resolved to invite public submissions into the proposed sale of the abovementioned land.

The land is operational land and has been previously used as a sand quarry.

The proposal can be viewed at the Jerilderie office of Murrumbidgee Council, 35 Jerilderie Street, Jerilderie;or below.

Information in relation to the proposed sale can be obtained by contacting the Council’s Planning and Environment Department.

Should you have an interest in the land or the proposed sale then you are invited to make a submission to the Council.

Submissions regarding the proposed sale are invited up until 5pm Monday 3rd February 2020. Submissions are to be in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Murrumbidgee Council, PO BOX 96, JERILDERIE NSW 2716.