Integrated Planning & Reporting Documents

In 2009, the NSW Government introduced legislation requiring all councils to implement a new strategic planning framework known as Integrated Planning and Reporting. The Integrated Planning and Reporting documents are updated annually and can be downloaded below.

As a new Council, Murrumbidgee has developed a Statement of Vision and Priorities which was adopted in April 2017. This document will form the basis of Council's Draft Community Strategic Plan which will be further explored in consultation with the community ahead of its final adoption by the end of June 2018. This Statement of Vision and Priorities can be found here.

For any past publications that are not available below, please contact Council.

Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027

Council's Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027 was adopted at the Council meeting of 26 June 2018.  This link will take you to the document. 

Asset Management Plans


Land Improvements





Asset Management Strategy

Operational Plan, Delivery Programme and Fees & Charges

Operational Plan & Delivery Programme - 2019-2023 and Fees & Charges

Operational Plan 2018/19 and Delivery Program 2018/2019 - 2021/2022 and Fees & Charges



Workforce Management Strategy

Council is required to develop and implement a Workforce Management Strategy to support the achievement of  the Operational Plan and Delivery Programme.   It considers what people, skills, experience and expertise are required to implement the Plan and Programme over a four-year period,  and enables Council to plan workforce adjustments to meet changing priorities and new technologies.

Workforce Management Strategy


Past Years

Operational Plan 2017/18 and  Delivery Program 2017/2018-2020/2021

Rates, Fees and Charges 2017/18

Operational Plan 2016/17

Rates, Fees & Charges 2016/17



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