Pied Currawong

Pied Currawong

(Strepera graculina)

Description: Currawongs are three species of medium sized passerine birds belonging to the genus Strepera in the family Artamidae native to Australia

The Pied Currawong is a large, mostly black bird, with a bright yellow eye. Small patches of white are confined to the under tail, the tips and bases of the tail feathers and a small patch towards the tip of each wing (visible in flight). The bill is large and robust with a black underbody.  The legs are dark grey-black. Both sexes are similar, although the female may sometimes be greyer on the underparts.

Pied Currawongs have some positive qualities, as they will eat carrion, pest/rodents, and insects. They are much friendlier than magpies and WILL NOT swoop you during breeding season.

Size: 41-51cm

Voice: Noisy, distinctive, double-call “curra-wong”. The main call is a loud “currawong”, which gives the bird its name. Other frequent sounds include deep croaks and a wolf whistle. 

Location: Eastern Australia, from around Cooktown south to the Grampians, Vic.

Feeding: Feed on a variety of foods including small lizards, insects, caterpillars, berries

Habitat: Open forest, woodland, scrubland, farms, urban, well adapted to suburban areas.

Eggs:   2 to 5 usually three, in most instances pale brown streaked with darker shades.

Breeding Season:  September to January

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