Bulky Waste and Green Waste Kerbside Collection

We hold an annual bulky waste and green waste kerbside collection. 

We will collect the bulky waste and the green waste at different times in the same week so please separate the bulky waste and the green waste into two piles. Please leave the waste on the nature strip before 8.00 am on the Monday of your collection week.

If you are a senior resident and have disabilities, we can help you move the waste to the kerbside. Please contact us on 1300 676 243 if you would like assistance.

Before putting an item out for collection, consider if it could be reused or repurposed by someone else. Why not sell online or have a garage sale?

Download the Bulky Waste, Green Waste and Electronic Waste Collection flyer

Bulky Waste Collection

Do the right thing - rules for collection

These rules are in place for everyone's benefit and to keep our streets safe and tidy. We are unable to collect materials if they don't meet requirements.

  1. Sort your waste into two piles. Each pile must be no more than 2 cubic metres - this equals the amount that would fit in a standard (7x4 foot) box trailer. The bulky waste and green waste will be collected at different times in the same week.

  2. Make sure individual items don't weigh more than 30 kg and can be handled by two people. 

  3. Tie loose items in a bundle or put in a sturdy box (no plastic bags).

  4. Don't obstruct footpaths, roads or driveways.

  5. Place your waste out before 8 am on the Monday of your collection week - no earlier than one week prior to your collection Monday.

  6. Please remove items that are not collected. Items on the kerbside outside of the specified collection period are classed as illegal dumping and you could be fined.

We can collect:

  • Furniture and bookshelves
  • Appliances
  • White goods with doors removed (excluding fridges)
  • Household goods/loose items
  • Glass and mirrors (must be wrapped)
  • Mattresses
  • Baby or child car seats
  • Large plastic toys
  • Swing sets
  • Gym equipment
  • Basketball goals
  • Scrap metal (will be recycled)
  • Sawn timber offcuts
  • Large e-waste items, such as TV's, laptops, DVD players (will be recycled)

We can’t collect:

The following materials can't be collected. If placed out, it may mean your entire load is rejected. Items not collected must be removed from the kerb within 24 hours. Please don't bag your items.

  • tyres
  • chemicals and household hazardous wastes - oils*, paint*, gas bottles*, pesticides, herbicides, house or pool chemicals)
  • fire extinguishers*
  • poisons
  • asbestos
  • pesticides
  • demolition waste including fibro, roofing iron, concrete, bricks, builder's rubble, fencing wire etc
  • fridges
  • oil heaters (if oil is still inside)
Asterisked items can be taken to the Community Recycling Stations at Coleambally and Jerilderie Waste Depots (Landfills) and dropped off for free.

Green Waste Collection

We can collect:

  • garden cuttings and prunings
  • tree branches up to 75 mm in diameter and 1.5 m in length (securely tied in bundles of up to 300 mm diameter)
  • single tree limbs up to 200 mm in diameter (free of branches and/or leaves)
  • tree roots that can be lifted by two people

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