Community Grants

Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program

Murrumbidgee Council proudly provides community grants under the Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program.

The Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants have a total amount of $20,000 available with the maximum for each grant being $2,000.

The Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program are now closed and will reopen in May 2021.

Congratulations to the following community groups who received grants under the Murrumbidgee Council Community Grants Program 2020:

Coleambally/Darlington Point Junior Rugby - training and safety equipment


Coleambally Pre School Association – Outdoor kitchen


Darlington Point Landcare - replanting of trees


Darlington Point Public School P & C Association - Breakfast Club


Jerilderie APEX Club - Racecourse solar lighting


Jerilderie Race Club - Racecourse solar lighting 


Jerilderie Pre-School Kindergarten - Smart board 


Riverina Classic Catch & Release Fishing Competition - Fingerlings 


St Joseph’s Primary School Jerilderie Social & Fundraising Committee – Compost area/oiling cubbies


Cypress View Lodge – Internet server 


Country Education Foundation of Coleambally-Darlington Point - Education grants 



Coleambally Solar Farm Community Fund


The Coleambally Solar Farm is committed to providing $20,000 each calendar year to support local projects that benefit and strengthen the Riverina region. 

Of these funds, $10,000 is distributed to the Murrumbidgee Community Experimental/Demonstration Farm and a further $10,000 is distributed to projects through an open and competitive program.

Grants of between $500 and $3,000 are made available. 

Congratulations to the successful recipients for the 2020 program: 

Cypress View Lodge – Server hardware and licensing


Coleambally Central School P & C - Covered outdoor learning area


St Peter’s Primary School, Coleambally - Goal posts


Taste Coleambally Food & Farm Festival - Advertising


Murrumbidgee Community Experimental/Demonstration Farm



The Coleambally Solar Farm Community Fund is now closed. The next program will open in May 2021.

Other grants that are available

Grassroots Sport Fund

Office of Sport has released the following Grassroots Sport Fund to help clubs currently struggling during these difficult times.

The Grassroots Sport Fund will provide a one-off grant of up to $1,000 to around 12,500 eligible local clubs and associations across the State to assist them when community sport resumes from 1 July 2020. 

For the Grassroots Sport Fund:

a.  the local club or association must be a legal entity and have been affiliated with an SSO (State Sporting Organisation) or SSOD (State Sporting Organisation for People with Disability) before  11 June 2020;

b. the local club or association must be registered in NSW or have a registered business address in NSW; 

c. the local club or association must have registered members and participants;

d. if the local club or association is a school it must offer programs to the public;

e.  the local club or association was financially impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions between the period of March – June 2020; and  

f.  the local club or association will use the payment for an approved purpose and has not already received assistance with this expense from local, state or Commonwealth government or others.  

Payments to local clubs and associations can be used for fixed costs such as insurances, power, telephone and internet, fixed vehicle or equipment costs (lease, registration), and other base operating costs including affiliation fees, EFTPOS and banking fees and IT support arrangements and essential equipment.

Apply here.

Current Government grants can be found here

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Stronger Country Communities Fund

Community facilities in the Murrumbidgee Council area will receive more than $1 million in funding through Round 3 of the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund.

The successful projects within Murrumbidgee Council’s application (announced April 2020) were:



Supply of equipment and upgrades to Coleambally Sports Precinct. This includes:

  • upgrades and additions to the Youth Hall
  • relocating and rehabilitating the cricket nets and pitches
  • timing equipment, shade marquee and reels for the Swim Club
  • portable mirrors for Murrumbidgee Physical Culture Club


Student facilities upgrades for Darlington Point Public School (Darlington Point Public School P&C)


Provision of splash park at Darlington Point


Provision of a pump track/skate park at Jerilderie


Rehabilitate Jerilderie Lake banks


Replace lighting towers and upgrade LED lighting at Monash Park


Murrumbidgee Local Community Champions Youth Project (auspiced by Petaurus Group)



Stronger Communities Fund

The Stronger Communities Fund has been established by the NSW Government to provide councils with funding to kick start the delivery of projects that improve community infrastructure and services.

A list of Community projects that have been approved so far under the Stronger Communities Fund can be found below:

 Round 2 Grant Recipients:

  • Coleambally Central School P&C - Outdoor settings $18,800        
  • Coleambally Community Club - Laser level the bowling greens, upgrade to main bar and toilet areas $24,100
  • Coleambally Darlington Point Country Education Fund Coleambally - Looking Forward, Looking Back (an oral history) - (book production) $3,000        
  • Coleambally Motorcycle Club Inc - Construction of Club House and install watering system to track $50,000
  • Coleambally Preschool Association Inc -Floor resurfacing $14,900
  • Coleambally Preschool Association Inc - Shade sails and shed storage $13,500
  • Coleambally Pony Club - Grounds revamp and upgrade $6,600
  • Fusion Drop-in Centre Coleambally - Youth Development $5,000
  • Coleambally Tennis Club – Replacement of synthetic courts $50,000
  • Lions Club of Coleambally - Jumping Castle and Trailer Project $5,800
  • St Peter's Catholic Church - Replacement of chairs $7,000
  • St Peters Primary School - Multipurpose Court $5,000
  • Jerilderie Men’s Shed - Purchase of Property $50,000
  • Jerilderie Public School P &C Association - Development of Computer and Musical Skills $8,700
  • Jerilderie RSL Sub-Branch -Two Honour Boards and Glass Display Cabinet $4,800
  • Jerilderie Tennis Club - Upgrade Greens Flags & Putting Cups $1,400
  • Jerilderie Tennis Club - Disabled Toilet within the Jerilderie Sports Club $30,000  
  • St Joseph’s Parent's and Friends Inc - Play Area Soft Fall and Shade Sail $39,600
  • APEX Club of Darlington Point - Flag pole installation and fingerling purchase $9,000       
  • Darlington Point Club Ltd - Bowling Green and Club Grounds Irrigation $50,000
  • Darlington Point Club Ltd - Workshop for Maintenance Staff $40,000         
  • Darlington Point Club Ltd - Machinery Storage Shed $28,000
  • Darlington Point Men's Shed - Installation of Solar Panels $9,100
  • Darlington Point Public School Parent's and Citizens Committee - Classroom Board upgrade throughout the school $43,900

Round 1 Grant Recipients:

  • Jerilderie Community Gym: Purchase equipment for the community gym- $47,000
  • Coleambally Sweatbox Community Gym: Purchase of new gym equipment, rubber flooring, commercial fans, TV's and DVD- $33,000
  • Coleambally Pistol Club: New clubhouse, new pistol range and water tank-$46,500
  • Coleambally Clay Target Club: Construct new trap houses-$49,700
  • Jerilderie Tennis Club: Construction of a new storage shed and disabled toilet -$50,000
  • Coleambally Squash Club: Resurface Coleambally Squash courts-$25,00
  • Coleambally Preschool:  Installation of solar panels -$7,400
  • Coleambally Lions Club: New ride-on lawn mower-$7,500
  • Coleambally Preschool: Resurface floor and install storage shed-$12,500
  • Jerilderie Tennis Club: Reroof Jerilderie Sports Club building -$49,000
  • Coleambally Lions Club: Paint Bucyrus Dragline-$4,600
  • Coleambally Chamber of Commerce: Purchase equipment for community events for community organisations across the Murrumbidgee Council area- $10,500
  • Riverina Vintage Machinery Club (Coleambally): Purchase portable building with disabled access ramp- $45,100
  • Coleambally Chamber of Commerce: Quilting workshops with renowned Australian Artists- $4,200
  • Coleambally Community Club: Installation of playground and outdoor area - $50,000
  • Coleambally Central School P & C: Build sandpit with water trough for experiments and resurfacing of existing basketball court-$50,000
  • Coleambally Water Ski Club: New shade shelter-$18,900
  • Jerilderie CWA: Upgrade of toilet facility to include disabled access-$15,700
  • Jerilderie Cricket Club: Install seating, shade and access to practice nets- $21,500
  • Anglican Parish of Coleambally Darlington Point: Install air conditioning at Darlington Point Hall-$21,000
  • Darlington Point Men's Shed: Construct meeting room, timber work/paint room. Improve stormwater drainage of land and building north of main shed-$50,000
  • Jerilderie Football Club: Replace Boundary Fence and Interchange facilities-$39,600
  • Jerilderie Preschool: Indoor Refurbishment-$44,000
  • Jerilderie Swimming Club: Upgrading swimming equipment- $5,000
  • Coleambally Golf Club Inc: Automatic watering systems for fairways 3 & 9-$49,000
  • Coleambally Golf Club Inc. Automatic watering system for fairways 1 & 6- $27,900
  • Jerilderie Public School P & C: Soft fall rubber in playground- $49,200
  • Jerilderie Arts and Talent Society: Sound equipment, smoke machine and headsets-$10,700
  • Coleambally St Peters Primary School: Upgrade school quadrangle-$30,990
  • Coleambally Men's Shed: Storage facility for donated used batteries, materials used for furniture restoring- $43,700
  • Coleambally Chamber of Commerce: Sewing machines, over lockers and tables-$23,200
  • Murrumbidgee Shire Experiment Farm: Develop a 22ha section for farming-$50,000
  • Darlington Point Lions Club: Barbecue and bench at Darlington Point Lions Club Park -$20,000